Span by Span Segmental Launching Gantry

Span by Span Segmental Launching Gantry

Segmental bridge construction method is widely used for both highway and railway bridges.

Both the overhead and underslung LG creating an very flexible system for both the balanced cantilever and the span-by-span method.

Product Overview

Pre-casting segmental bridge construction method is widely used for both highway and railway bridges. And with the evolution of technology and construction of the situation, the segmental construction of bridges became popular of the hour for almost every bridge and overpass construction around the world.

The precast segmental girder are installed as a group along the whole length of span, then prestress is introduced into the structure through external tendons, compared with the balanced cantilever erection method, the span by span method is  faster construction and with less workers required.

The segmental span by span method is available for the erection of urban LRT or Metrorails where the tight radius of the lines and the proximity of buildings do not allow for conventional equipment.

As a professional manufacturer, the design of our advanced equipment has been improved and optimized over the years,  which is light weight, easy to assemble, practical, and most important, efficient in operation.

Product Features

Independent supports for relocationsystem

Support overhead crane

All the main supports adopt suspension system

Spreader beam equipped with hydraulic movement system operated by radio control for all movements

Independent stressing platform handling system

Adjustable main girder’s transversal distance for direct hanging in case of different cross sections


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