Project – Gantry Crane

30T Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

The gantry Crane unually can move itself, there are two types gantry crane on the basis of how they movement, which rail mounted gantry crane and rebber tired gantry crane, we can choice them depend on our requirement.

Gantry cranes are widely used when the lifting is needed without the cost of a building or support steel work. The gantry cranes can be placed indoors or outdoors, used for activities in factories, pre-cast segment yards, construction sites and other application.


Client: CNBM, China

Year of Manufacture: 2015

Construction: Concrete beam casting situ

Number of Sets: 2 sets


Span: 40m                                             

Winch lifting capacity: 30/10tons        

Lifting height: 12m                               

Lifting mechanism: Open winch


Lifting speed: 0~2m/min

LT speed: 0~10m/min

CT speed: 0~9m/min

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